Backend Developer (crypto exchange)


About the Company

Our client is the first crypto exchange to join the London Stock Exchange Group’s ‘Partner Platform, with the ranking of 50th amongst the trading platform worldwide. It has a presence in HK, Russia, SG with over 300 employees across the globe.


  • Responsible for continuous improvement of service performance, security, stability and scalability;
  • Responsible for using Node.js to develop the platform’s back-end API system and server-side software;
  • Responsible for Participating in project prototype discussions, plan customization, task estimation activities;
  • Responsible for writing relevant technical documents, unit tests, and responsible for product quality;


  • 3 years above back-end development experience;
  • Experienced in core payment system development;
  • Excellent coding ability, proficient in Node.js, familiar with ES6, TypeScript, familiar with commonly used algorithms, familiar with open source frameworks;
  • Proficiency in a common back-end open source framework: Express, koa, etc.;
  • js is highly prefer
  • Master the technology and process of automatic unit testing and integration testing, familiar with mocha/jest;
  • Have a strong ability to analyze and solve problems, and have a strong ability of architecture design and optimization;
  • Have a strong interest in new technology research, good learning ability and strong enterprising spirit and innovative spirit;
  • Master the principles and applications of relational databases such as Mysql, and have experience in designing large-scale relational databases;
  • Experience in Typeform is plus
  • Master the principles and applications of Redis, MongoDB, and other storage systems;
  • Understand message-driven, asynchronous communication, multiplexing, high concurrency, load balancing, thread pools, message queues;
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, AWS or GCP cloud computing;
  • Good communication and teamwork skills;
  • Good command of written and spoken English and Chinese.