We’re more than just a recruitment site.

We follow a strategic consultative approach to best match talent with hiring companies.

We specialize in technology talent acquisition. Only tech.
That’s why we are the experts.

We provide a dynamic human capital strategy catered to the technology industry in helping fast growing start-ups and technology companies acquire tech talent in the most efficient way possible. Whether you are looking to build your team or finding a job in the tech industry, we have you covered.

Why choose Techlinker Asia?

We are led by a team of consultants with combined 20+ years’ experience and successful track record in recruiting tech talent. We provide a dynamic human capital strategy catered to start-ups and the technology industry to acquire talent in the most efficient way possible. We specialize in Fintech, Blockchain, Crypto, Insurtech and other cutting-edge technologies.

We work differently.

We are intimately familiar with the technology start-up communities in Hong Kong and Singapore. Our experience in helping founders and entrepreneurs build their dream teams has made us acutely aware of their needs in expanding their businesses.

Our expert consultants employ a strategic human capital planning tool to fully analyze your requirements and understand your corporate culture in order to strategically pitch your company and find the best fit for you.

Our consultative approach

  • diagnosis-icon-05
    1. Job Analysis

    • Identify key competencies and success factors for the role.





  • planning-icon-01
    2. Strategy

    • Map out talent acquisition & pitching strategy.





  • replacement-icon_Artboard-2
    3. Searching

    • Social recruiting via LinkedIn with 2000+ followers.

    • Matching with our internal talent pool.





  • retain-icon-03
    4. Placement

    • Advisory on ESOP & salary benchmarks

    • Pre- & post-onboarding support





  • scaling-icon-04
    5. Scaling

    • Support you with other HR services as your team continues to grow.






What start-up founders say about Techlinker Asia

We’ve helped a number of growing start-ups build their dream teams, all within expected budgets time frames. More and more are turning to us to grow and add value to their businesses. Understanding the challenges that most start-ups face, we help them save valuable time and resources, and ease their search for the right talent to contribute to their global success stories.

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