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You are in good hands with Techlinker Asia. Let us set up your company in a new market so you can focus on your core business.

Let our corporate service specialists and professionals execute all business setup-related regulatory submissions for you.

Here’s what we have to offer:

Company Incorporation

We provide a range of competitively priced all-inclusive company incorporation packages to help you quickly set up your company without leaving home. All our incorporation packages include advice on setting up your company and navigating government legal procedures.

Corporate Secretary

Certified by the Institute of Chartered Secretaries, the local Corporate Secretary will implement the decisions of the Board of Directors and liaise with auditors, lawyers, tax advisors, bankers and shareholders on board governance issues.

Nominee Director
The basic function of the Nominee Director is to satisfy the Singapore requirement that any private company must have at least one Director who is a local resident. We help you with all legal & regulatory requirements, and ongoing accounting and tax support.
Reference Checks

Our professional reference check service saves your company time and money by providing high-quality, detailed information about your applicants. We help you find trustworthy employees who are a good fit for your company, so you can focus on running your business.

Employment Passes

Our team of experienced Employment Pass Specialists can help your business plan and track the progress of applications, prepare proper documentation, liaise with the Ministry of Manpower, and file for appeals if necessary. We keep up-to-date on the latest regulations and visa processes.

Employer of Record
Don’t have a local business established? No problem! Let us be your Employer of Record if you want to hire across the border without having to set up a local business entity. We will act as your employer proxy in Hong Kong or Singapore so you don’t have to miss out on exceptional remote tech talent.


Registered Address & Digital Mailroom

We provide a Registered Office Address to clients who wish to set up a Virtual Office Address. In addition to displaying company name and liability status in legible characters, statement of letter is also available upon request.

ESOP Consulting

Employee Stock Option Plans are key benefits for talent attraction and retention. Let our consultants help you design the most attractive plans so your team can share in the growth of your business.


Visa Applications

We analyze all our clients’ cases to determine the appropriate visa applications needed before providing relevant checklist(s) for our clients and/or visa applicants to prepare. We submit all our clients’ visa applications in person to ensure an expedited approval process.

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