Techlinker Asia Accepts Cryptocurrencies for Recruitment and HR Consulting Services

The Hong Kong and Singapore based tech talent agency is the first to accept cryptocurrency payments for its Recruitment and HR consulting services.

Techlinker Asia, a forward-looking tech talent and HR consultancy based in Hong Kong and Singapore, has been focused on tech talent recruitment in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency sector. From its inception in 2019, the company strongly believes in the future of blockchain-based solutions as evidenced by the wide ranging use of distributed ledger technology in various applications and industries.

Positioning itself as the market leader in this space, Techlinker Asia now announces partnership with TripleA, a Singapore-based crypto payment gateway. A first in the recruitment business, clients can now remit payments for placement and consulting fees in any of several cryptocurrencies or even stablecoin, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) or USD Coin (USDC).

Clients who wish to pay their service fees in cryptocurrency will be processed through TripleA. To guarantee the best user experience, the crypto exchange rate is locked-in for 25 minutes and transactions are confirmed within seconds. Thanks to the gateway’s real-time fiat conversion and local currency settlement process, Techlinker Asia will receive payment in fiat currency.

Carrie Lui, CEO of Techlinker Asia, says, “We are delighted to be adding this new payment method because 80% of our clients are in the FinTech, cryptocurrency, and blockchain space and have been asking for options with regards to crypto payments. The demand is so strong that we’ve even had to turn down some new opportunities in the past since we were unable to process crypto payments. We are proud to take this bold step and be the first to accept cryptocurrency payments in our recruitment business.”

“In addition to satisfying our clients’ needs, we see these new payment methods as having tremendous benefits for cross-border remittances. Our mission is to help technology and start-up clients expand their cross-border business in Hong Kong and Singapore. When using our Recruitment or Employer of Record services to build remote teams in expanding their footprint across the border, services are payable in local currency. Since many of these companies do not have local bank accounts or business operations, they remit payment through traditional cross-border payment methods and we believe with the support for crypto payments, it can help these companies to be competitive and optimize their cross-border payment while maintaining a fast and secure payment flow.”

“As a boutique firm, we provide full attention and customized services to every one of our clients, ensuring high quality searches and providing exceptional tech talent solutions. We exerted the same effort when it came to choosing our crypto payment gateway partner. TripleA is one of the first four crypto payment companies to be licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, has a robust due diligence process, and like many of our clients operate on the bleeding edge of technology. With the same dedication to quality and customer service as Techlinker Asia, it is the perfect company to work with,” Lui says.

Eric Barbier, CEO of TripleA, says, “It is undeniable that the demand of crypto for B2B transactions is growing across a myriad of verticals, so it is encouraging to see companies like Techlinker Asia responding by adding this payment method. This is a key step forward for the Recruitment and HR space, in such wise, we are honoured to be Techlinker Asia’s chosen provider and look forward to exceeding the agency and its customers’ expectations.”

About Techlinker Asia

Techlinker Asia works with growing start-up & technology companies in Hong Kong and Singapore to set up or expand their cross-border operations. We fuel our clients with the necessary advice and the right talent to successfully accelerate their cross-border activities through our stop-shop solution and seamless execution. Our services cover Tech Recruitment, Business Process Outsourcing, and Professional Services such as Company Incorporation, Employer of Record Services, and Company Secretary Services.

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Employment Agency License: 66394 (Hong Kong) | 20S0254 (Singapore)

About TripleA

TripleA helps businesses increase their revenue by enabling crypto payments and payouts, leveraging on the fast-growing 300m+ global crypto users. With its white-label, easy setup, instant confirmation, locked-in exchange rate, real-time fiat conversion, and no chargeback crypto payment solution, TripleA meets the needs of e-commerce merchants, retailers, game providers, PSPs, fintech, and marketplaces. The company is licensed by MAS, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (Singapore’s Central Bank), allowing partners to operate in a fully compliant and regulated environment.

Visit the TripleA website at


總部位於香港和新加坡的前瞻性科技人才職業介紹所和人力資源諮詢公司 Techlinker Asia 一直專注于區塊鏈和加密貨幣領域的科技人才招聘。自2019年成立以來,基於各種行業及應用程式廣泛使用分散式帳本技術, 該公司堅信區塊鏈技術是未來的方向。

致力成為這一領域的市場領導者,Techlinker Asia 如今宣佈與新加坡加密支付平台 TripleA 合作。這是首間職業介紹,讓客戶可以使用任何一種加密貨幣甚至穩定幣,包括比特幣 (BTC)、以太幣 (ETH)、泰達幣 (USDT) 或美元穩定幣 (USDC) 支付招聘和人力資源諮詢服務

使用加密貨幣支付服務費的客戶將通過加密貨幣支付平台 TripleA 進行處理。為了保障最佳用戶體驗,加密貨幣匯率將被鎖定25分鐘,交易將在幾秒內確認。由於該平台的即時法定貨幣轉換和當地貨幣結算流程,Techlinker Asia 將收到法定貨幣支付。

Techlinker Asia 行政總裁 Carrie Lui 表示:「我們很高興能增加這種新的支付方式,因為我們80%的客戶都在金融科技、加密貨幣和區塊鏈領域,一直希望選擇加密貨幣支付。需求非常強勁,但是過去由於我們無法處理加密貨幣支付,不得不拒絕一些新機會。我們為邁出這一大步,成為第一個在職業介紹所中接受加密貨幣支付的機構感到非常自豪。」

「除了滿足客戶需求外,我們看到這新支付方式對跨境匯款大有好處。我們致力於幫助科技客戶和初創客戶在香港和新加坡擴大跨境業務。當使用我們的招聘或名義僱主服務 (Employer of Record Service) 建立遙距團隊,擴展跨境業務時,服務通常以當地貨幣支付。不過許多這些公司沒有當地銀行帳戶或業務運營,他們透過傳統的跨境支付方式匯款,使用加密貨幣支付可以幫助這些公司提高競爭力和減低跨境支付成本,同時保持快速和安全的支付流程。」

Lui 表示:「作為一家精品職業介紹所,我們為每位客戶提供專注和個性化服務,以確保我們提供高品質的人力搜索,並提供卓越的技術人才解決方案。我們也付出了同樣的要求在選擇加密貨幣支付平台合作夥伴,TripleA 是首批獲得新加坡金融管理局 (Monetary Authority of Singapore) 許可的四家加密貨幣支付公司之一,擁有嚴緊的審查評鑑,與我們的許多客戶一樣擁有尖端的技術,並且與我們 Techlinker Asia 一樣注重品質和客戶服務,因此是一個完美的合作對象。」

TripleA 行政總裁 Eric Barbier 表示:「不可否認,B2B 交易對加密貨幣的需求在不同領域都在增長,因此看到 Techlinker Asia 增加這種支付方式實在令人鼓舞。這是招聘和人力資源領域向前邁出的重要一步,我們也很榮幸成為 Techlinker Asia 的首選合作夥伴,期待我們能夠超越 Techlinker Asia 和其客戶的期望。」

Techlinker Asia簡介

Techlinker Asia協助香港和新加坡初創企業和科技公司,建立或擴大其跨境業務。我們透過一站式服務為客戶提供跨境拓展所需的方案和合適的人才。我們的服務包括技術人才招聘、業務流程外包服務以及公司註冊、名義雇主服務和公司秘書服務等專業服務。

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Employment Agency License:66394 (香港) | 20S0254 (新加坡)




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