Tips to Mitigate Start-ups Hiring Challenges

Having the right talents is crucial to all businesses scale-up. However, with limited time, the time crunch is a significant concern for start-ups. Here are the top 3 recruitment challenges faced by start-up companies.   

1. No hiring expertise/ lack of in-house HR resources

With the lack of resources, knowledge, and time, it is difficult to find and select the right people to hire.

2. No established brand for the early start-ups

Without an established brand and reputation, most people will be skeptical and will not risk working in start-ups.

3. No competitive advantages

Most people would rather choose to work in big corporations that offer better benefits and salaries instead of start-ups that offer less.

To tackle these challenges, founders may choose to pitch candidates themselves. However, with other business priorities to be handled, not only may the hiring process be delayed, it may also affect other business priorities and procedures.

Attracting the best talent in competitive tech industries is key to the success of your business. Without having an HR team, outsourcing your hiring to a professional recruitment agency will help you hire the right workforce efficiently and quickly. It is very important to choose an agency with strong HR experts who can not only support your hiring, but also act as an external HR function to give you HR advisory like salary benchmark, HR practices, statutory requirement, etc. This information will be critical especially when start-up founders do not have much or zero HR experience, or when there is no HR in the company.

Below are 6 benefits of working with a professional recruitment agency:

1. Faster hiring

Having a vast talent pool, agencies can have an extended reach, even to those who are not actively looking for jobs.

2. High-quality candidate

When hiring, it is common to face irrelevant CVs. But with recruitment agencies, the screening process is done for you.

3. No need to advertise

Agencies have sufficient knowledge of pitching companies. While HR may help you fill the role, recruitment agencies help you sell the role as well.

4. Offer industry insights

Agencies possess abundant expertise and job market insights. In the hiring process, agencies need to evaluate not just the skills but also the culture fit of candidates. So, make sure you work with the recruitment firm that specializes in start-up hiring as they know the challenges and what talents fit for the start-up.

5. Provide HR insights and expertise

Many start-ups may lack hiring and HR skills. Recruitment agencies may help to review contracts and offer other HR advisories like salary benchmarks, HR practices, ESOP, etc.

6. Manage recruitment administrative burden 

Recruitment agencies help you review CVs, undergo screening and shortlisting, arrange interviews, and most importantly, negotiate salaries.

Despite the costs involved with recruitment agencies, the benefits overall outweigh the costs. Thus, working with recruitment agencies is highly recommended for start-ups.

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