HR Advisory Techlinker Asia Launches in Singapore and Broaden Service Scope to Cross-Border Expansion

HR Advisory Techlinker Asia Launches in Singapore and Broaden Service Scope to Cross-Border Expansion

Techlinker Asia, a Hong Kong-based human resources advisory firm specializing in tech talent recruitment, is announcing its official launch in Singapore with a collection of new services. Also as a startup, Techlinker Asia takes its experiences to help similar startups to accelerate their businesses through seamless cross-border expansion services. 

The new scope of services highlight the importance of human capital in the facilitation of business processes. In addition to recruitment consultants, Techlinker Asia now offers talent solutions which fill the gaps among early stages of a new business setup across the border and satisfy startups’ need for people power. Their specialists and professionals will be a group of experts to cover procedures from company set up and compliances, to financial advisory for investor management. Techlinker Asia will also introduce a new set of solutions like interim management and BPO practice leaders to turbojet the business owners to set up their business in a new country in a short period of time.

“We, Techlinker Asia, have walked through all these; we have successfully obtained the license in Singapore and have Singapore as our second office. And we are ready to serve startups with the same ambition and challenges.” 

With its change of service scope, the company has appointed Carrie Lui as their Chief Executive Officer. Throughout the year as Techlinker Asia’s Chief Talent Officer, Carrie has helped startups in Hong Kong to build and grow their team fast with her 20 years of talent management experience. Given her deep knowledge and traveling between Hong Kong and Singapore, she will now oversee the regional businesses in both cities. Techlinker Asia will be building its regional cross-border expansion solution brand in Singapore and will roll out first in the city via talent services within the next six months.

“COVID-19 has accelerated the process of digital transformation which allows tech startups to gain importance in the ecosystems. We see that the startup economy is booming with their rapid strategic expansion plans,” Carrie Lui added.

“Hong Kong and Singapore have the advantage of their long multinational culture and adaptability to global challenges. These qualities allow them to continue leading the Asia market, hence, be the choice of expansion and relocation destinations.”

Other than being home to the headquarter of over 1500 international enterprises, Hong Kong is one of the early adopters of digital transformation. According to a study by Microsoft Hong Kong, almost 70% of Hong Kong organizations have accelerated digitalization in a variety of ways to adapt to the new reality – from launching digital products and introducing digital payments to embracing ecommerce and automation.

In fact, Singapore is also home to the largest number of headquarters from global Fortune 500 companies. With the largest concentration of brand marketers in Asia-Pacific region, firms like MasterCard, P&G, Philips and Intel have chosen to develop digital expertise and grow regional brands from Singapore. 

Chinese tech firms Tencent, Alibaba and Bytedance have also recently expanded their footprint to Singapore as a strategy for their Asia market. In terms of technology MNCs, Singapore accounts for 59% of Asia regional headquarters.

“Our everyday job is talking to start-up founders; discuss with them how to scale their business and build their team fast. We therefore have heard a lot of startup leaders planning to expand their business to Singapore, and likewise, Singapore startups wishing to expand to Hong Kong.” 

Carrie also pointed that unlike personal migration, business expansion or relocation involve a lot more procedures and requirements which would lengthen the process if they do not have a local eye. “For example, Singapore has 16 types of employment passes; it’d take you quite a while to choose the right one for your foreign employees.”

From 2 Nov to 6 Nov, Techlinker Asia will present their new set of talent solutions for the first time at Hong Kong Fintech Week 2020. Chief Executive Officer Carrie Lui will also share insights on the topic “Accelerate Startups’ Cross-Border Expansion” on Fintech Week’s demo channel.

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